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The Pleasure Current

Tiffany Janay

Rituals of Self-Love and Rejoicing — Receive self-care recipes, practical rituals, and a deeper understanding of the link between creativity and sexuality to welcome more pleasure in your daily life. Learn a practice of self-observation and movement that you can utilize to deepen your connection with yourself and the pleasure inherent in your body and spirit.

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Clarity and Courage

KC Baker

The Freedom to Share Your Voice — Engage in energetic and self-inquiry practices to transcend self-doubt, shame, and fear of rejection — and affirm that what you have to offer is of value, creating a greater level of confidence and effectiveness in expressing your needs, desires, and perspectives.

Goddess Oshun’s Secrets

Abiola Abrams

Wisdom of the Ancestors for Loving Yourself and Manifesting Your Power — Use the wisdom of your ancestors and the Divine Feminine to spark, maintain, and fulfill a deep love affair with yourself that will change the world.

Discovering You Are Enough Through Exploring Your Unique Energy Signature

Justin Michael Williams

90-Minute Workshop From the Shift Renew Fest With Justin Michael Williams — Engage in energetic and self-inquiry practices to transcend self-doubt, shame, and fear of rejection — and affirm that what you have to offer is of value, creating a greater level of confidence and effectiveness in expressing your needs, desires, and perspectives. Learn how to create internal safety for yourself so they can speak up and courageously communicate their truth. 

Binaural Bliss

Cory Allen

Understanding, Using, and Creating Binaural Beats — Understand what binaural beats are, how they work in the body and mind, and how to proactively change your inner life through skillfully using (and creating!) binaural beats.

Life in Full Bloom

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Connecting with Abundance and the Allies of Mother Earth — Access your own higher consciousness and the allies of the Earth through practical rituals to find hope and vision for your life — and connect with a deeper experience of abundance and inner peace.

Reclaim Your Wholeness

HeatherAsh Amara

An Elemental Map and Ceremony — Take an eagle-eye view of your life to help you assess your next steps, and experience a creative ceremony and visualization to integrate insights, healing, and hope into your body and soul.

Sonic Illumination

Eileen McKusick

Raising Your Voltage For Radiant Health and Personal Power — Experience an advanced Biofield Tuning energy medicine treatment to connect deeply with the power of your solar center and live with greater energy, radiance, and brightness.

Re-vitalizing the Body

Gayatri Schriefer & Brian Siddhartha Ingle, ND, DO

Somatic Awareness as a Tool of Awakening — Move with grace, consciousness, and self-acceptance to experience your physical body as a tool, container, and vehicle of enlightenment.

The Art of Aliveness: A Creative Return to What Matters Most

Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley — Play with a sequence of presence practices, simple and empowering art exercises, writing prompts, and invitations to discover the joy of looking through the world “with the eyes of an artist.”

The Whole Body Instrument

The Brothers Koren

90-Minute Workshop With The Brothers Koren — Understand and experience your “whole body instrument” as a current for deep and authentic expression through the power of your voice. Experience and explore the four parts of your self while learning how to harmonize them through the power of intention, presence, and vibration, and understand how your “whole body instrument” can act as a channel and current for deep, authentic expression. You'll also learn a proprietary process using the sound and vibration of your voice to connect deeply with your energetic body to help you live with greater groundedness and empowerment.

Walking Between the Worlds

Florencia Fridman

Indigenous Plant Medicines for Connecting Mind and Heart — Experience a traditional and transformative ritual with cacao, tobacco, and guayusa to receive an energetic transmission of clarity and dreaming perception, enabling you to better understand what's happening in the material world.

Mastering Freedom

Suzanne Bryant

Releasing Anxiety and Reclaiming Resilience — Receive practical tools and exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine to build a baseline of resilience, and an “emergency kit” of practices you can use in moments of acute anxiety to help you reconnect with resilience any time you need it.

Eyes & Heart Wide Open

Tenley Wallace

A Unification Activation Experience — Connect with the energy of the Springtime to transform trauma into personal and collective power— and take off the masks of “Masculine” and “Feminine” to connect with your innately graceful, centered, and awe-filled state of authentic being.

Gateways of Joy: Indigenous Wisdom for Working With Your Dreams

Shawna Bluestar Newcomb

90-Minute Workshop With Shawna Bluestar Newcomb — Discover how to use your dreams as a gateway through which you can enact changes in the material world and source a deeper joy in your waking life. In this workshop, you'll:

  • Gain better understanding and appreciation of the shifts in consciousness you are experiencing in this era. 
  • Attune yourself  to subtle signs and synchronicities in your life to understand how dream consciousness infuses wakeful consciousness.
  • Be empowered with specific techniques to allow you to move into their dream world in order to work with these shifts powerfully. 
  • Utilize your dreams as a gateway through which they can source a deeper joy in their waking lives.  

The Magician's Toolbox

Magick Altman

Tarot and Activism for Regeneration — Utilize the power of the Tarot to understand yourself more deeply and guide your work in transforming the world at this critical time.

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What People Are Saying About Shift Festivals…

When the world had sat in darkness for many months, the Winter Solstice Festival 2020 brought a light that burned for days and awakened souls by the masses. It was a true delight to sip cider in my own home and dance along to live, positive vibrations.
— ShellBe Cloukey

I feel completely rejuvenated after attending the Winter Solstice Festival online this year with The Shift Network. The transitions between speakers were smooth and gave us enough time to refill our waters, stretch our legs, and still make for a fantastic evening of entertainment and ritual. We loved how much it felt like a true festival but from the comfort of our own homes. Thank you to The Shift Network for putting it together!
— Renee LeBlanc

I thoroughly enjoyed having my own private concert with some of my favorite musicians. I loved the intimate feeling of seeing them in their home space. I felt uplifted by the music and got my boogie on in my home space. I am grateful for this!
— Allegra Ellis

It was a beautiful display of sacred music, deep thought, and ceremony to keep one's soul connected, to align with humanity, and to be more conscious of how we live with Mother Earth.
— Tanya Dahlin

It was wonderful to be touched by so many people from around the world, and feel as though we really are one and all are working in our own ways toward healing for our Mother and one another. Made me feel hopeful and uplifted.
— Cook Rodgers

What an amazing way to connect with so many beings around the world, and come together in song, prayer, mantra, and intention in celebration of the winter solstice. It was a powerful experience. Thank you for the opportunity to ground ourselves and set intentions with a global community, especially during these physically disconnected times.
— Amy Leventhal

It was connecting with like-minded brave, positive beings and jumping together into the pool of light of change. It was exciting, thrilling, effortless, and so, so natural!!!
— Laura Whelan

The Shift Winter Solstice Festival was an enlightening, choose-your-own adventure experience centered around ritual you could perform on your own as well as communal events. I loved the blend of music, prayer, and speakers. It was the perfect way to welcome in the solstice!
— Sea Hollingsworth